Biological Response

Bacterial and Viral Decontamination including COVID-19


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We have trained and experienced teams that are ready to respond to any COVID-19 situation 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

COVID-19 Decontamination

MSES understands that all response scenarios are not created equal. We aid our clients by assessing the situation and detailing a strategy for decontamination. Once the plan is made, we methodically execute the plan with precision to minimize exposure to life, health, and environmental damages.

Our professional, qualified, and experienced teams are ready to respond to any of you COVID-19 needs at a moment’s notice.

Viral & Bacterial Decontamination

How do we provide a successful commercial virus decontamination service? Learning about the virus, your company, and your commercial building is how we develop a thorough and safe plan. Initially, we have to understand the virus to create the disinfection protocol.  If the virus is an emerging pathogen, then guidance from the CDC and an Industrial Hygienist is necessary.  After the protocol is developed we have a template that can be applied to the decontamination of that specific virus.  Understanding your situation before entering a contaminated building is a critical safety component and allows us to create tailored solutions for your unique project.  Staying organized keeps us efficient and documentation helps reduce liability.  These points combine to create a successful and safe disinfection service.